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Article 1


The name of this organization shall be the County Line Community Band, also referred to as CLCB. The CLCB Parade Band shall be an official part of the CLCB.


Article 2


The purpose of this organization shall be:

1.  To provide the opportunity for members to express and refine their musical talents.

2.  To reaffirm community band status in American music.

3.  To provide a parade unit for community parades and local events.


Article 3


Qualifications: A member is one who demonstrates an acceptable level of musical proficiency in performing the current Band repertoire.

1.  Categories of Membership

-  CLCB Active Member

An active member is a musician (adult, high school or middle school) who can perform the music repertoire.

-  CLCB Student Member

A limited number of high school or middle school musicians may be invited to attend one or more rehearsals for their own personal experience. High school musicians may be invited to attend rehearsals on a regular basis and perform in concerts.

-  CLCB Parade Band Member

Composed of any member on a voluntary basis, as needed for each event.

2.  Duties of a Member

a.  Attendance

Members are highly encouraged to attend all rehearsals, dress rehearsals and scheduled performances.

i.  Rehearsals will be held on Sundays from 3:30-5:30 pm. Any temporary changes in rehearsal day or time will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance, if possible.

ii.  Members who will miss a rehearsal must notify the section leader a week in advance or as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. The section leader will inform the director of this absence.

iii.  Members who will miss a concert must notify the section leader as soon as the conflict arises. The section leader will inform the director of this absence.

b.  Proficiency

Members are encouraged to maintain a proficiency level necessary for performing the Band repertoire.

c.  Preparedness

Members are expected to prepare the repertoire for each performance.

d.  Meetings

A member meeting of the Band shall be held after each monthly Board Meeting or on an as needed basis.

e.  Voting Rights

Each active member shall be entitled to one vote in all matters to be voted upon by the membership during a regular or special meeting.

f.  Expulsion

Grounds for expulsion of membership shall include, but not limited to:

The inability to maintain musical competence; behavior or conduct unbecoming or disruptive to rehearsals or performances; and/or repeated unexcused absences at rehearsals or performances.

Expulsion of an individual shall take place after a two-thirds vote by the Board of Directors. The member in question shall be notified by a Director prior to any action taken against him/her, and shall be granted a hearing before the Board.

g.  Non-Discrimination Policy

The CLCB does not discriminate against individuals with regard to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, creed, color, religion, disability, economic status, or national origin.


Article 4

Board of Directors

1.  Board Members

The Board of Directors shall consist of three voting members elected from Band members in good standing. The Conductor and Associate Conductor shall be ex-officio members of the Board. Board members will serve a term of two years.

2.  Election of the Board of Directors

Election of new Board members will be held annually, either in November or December depending upon the rehearsal schedule for the year. The term of office will begin Jan 1st.

3.  Duties of the Board

The Board of Directors shall have executive authority of the Band and will include:

a.  management of the general affairs of the Band, taking all action which is necessary and compatible with the best interest of the Band

b.  management of the financial affairs of the band and establishment of an annual budget

c.  the appointment and dismissal of the Conductor and/or Associate Conductor

d.  replacement of any member of the Board of Directors who is unable to complete his/her term of office

e.  the establishment of a schedule of rehearsals and performances

f.  the establishment of concert attire policy

g.  the establishment of the organization's policies

h.  the appointment of committee chairpersons and section leaders

4.  Officers/Duties

a.  President

The President is the principal officer of the Board. He/she will preside at all meetings of the Board and the general membership and will decide on ail questions of order. The President may choose to delegate whatever authority he/she may deem necessary.

b.  Vice President/Secretary

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in their absence and shall oversee the activities of the committees. The Secretary shall keep complete, accurate, and timely records of all meetings and handle correspondence relating to the Band. The Secretary may delegate Board-approved correspondence to another Board or Band member as deemed necessary.

c.  Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect and deposit all income, pay all bills, and keep the books of accounts. The Treasurer shall submit financial reports at the Band's Board meetings.


Article 5

Appointed Positions

The Board shall appoint Managers/Leaders to carry out duties necessary to the functioning of the Band. Those persons appointed may come from the Band at-large, from the Board, or from the community. They will serve a one-year term and may be re-appointed. These Managers/Leaders may recruit a committee to assist in their duties.

Appointed Manager/Leader positions may include the following or others, as deemed necessary. Main responsibilities are listed, but additional responsibilities may be added, as deemed necessary, either by the Board or the Manager/Leader.

1.  Personnel Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Maintaining member files-Both physical and digital

b.  Send out emails to Band members regarding concerts or meeting notices

2.  Section Leaders-Responsible for the following:

a.  Maintain section order during rehearsals and performances

b.  Know what music will be played for scheduled concerts and coordinate with section members to make sure ail parts are covered and prepared

c.  Inform librarian when a new member joins so an additional folder/music can be prepared. Coordinate with librarian to secure missing pieces of music as appropriate

 d. Insure your members attend rehearsals/performances, understand attendance policies, concert dress code, bylaws and expectations for being a member of CLCB and adhere to them

 e. Introduce new members to Band. Assign them parts based on their expertise

 f.  Use Band roster to alert your section, by phone or email, if there is a change in the schedule or to pass along important information between rehearsals and performances

g.  Select and train an alternate Section Leader to perform duties in your absence

h.  Inform Director as early as possible if a section member will miss a rehearsal or performance

3.  Public Relations Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Coordinate with Printing and Graphics Manager on materials for distribution

b.  Publication of upcoming concerts/events in local papers

c.  Announcements of upcoming concerts/events with radio stations

d.  Publication of upcoming concerts/events for electronic media

e.  Distribution of flyers to local vendors and bulletin boards

4.  Webmaster-Responsible for the following:

a.  Set-up and maintain website with current information about CLCB

b.  Work with Board for monetary needs to maintain website

c.  Get input from Board and members regarding information and additional links

5.  Librarian-Responsible for the following:

a.  Maintain music library

b.  Distribute music to members in folders

6.  Band Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Set-up and tear-down of Band layout for rehearsals and performances

7.  Grants and Funding Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Seek additional funds procurement for Band treasury

8.  Printing and Graphics Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Prepare concert programs and promotional flyers

9.  Social Coordinator-Responsible for the following:

a.  Snack appropriation and preparation for rehearsals

b.  Additional parties/social gatherings

10.  Recording and CD Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Recording and archival of concerts on CD

b.  Making CDs available to membership for monetary donations

11.  Uniform Manager-Responsible for the following:

a.  Uniform procurement

b.  Distribution to members for a fee

c.  Maintain and report financial records to Treasurer on a monthly basis

12.  Events Coordinator-Responsible for the following:

a.  Seek out concert opportunities and confirm details

b.  Work with Board regarding appropriate events and venue

c.  Report events and venues to Managers for PR, etc.


Article 6


 1.  Head Conductor

  • Appointed by the Board of Directors

  • Responsible for scheduling rehearsals/concerts and for the final selection of music to be performed, with Board approval. The Conductor's responsibilities are entirely musical, whereas business-related responsibilities rest on the Board of Director

  • Shall follow the Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Board

  • Shall appoint an Associate Conductor, if desired, with Board approval

  • Will have discretionary funds to use for music appropriations, with Board approval

2.  Associate Conductor

  • Shall be appointed by the Head Conductor, with Board approval

  • Shall assist the Conductor in all musical matters

  • Shall follow the Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Board


Article 7


1.  Board of Directors

  • Monthly meetings will take place on the first rehearsal week. If scheduling conflicts occur, meeting will take place the following week. These meetings will be open May hold a closed meeting if deemed necessary

  • May call a meeting of the Band at any time as deemed necessary

2.  General Membership

  •  A full Band meeting will be held following every Board of Directors' meeting

  • Additional meetings may be called by the Board


Article 8


  • The fiscal year will begin January 1 and end December 31st

  • The Treasurer, and a co-signer appointed by the Board, will be responsible for signing checks

  • The financial records of the Band will be open for audit and reviewed annually by the Board


Article 9

Distribution of Assets on Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the CLCB, any assets owned by the organization; such as, music, instruments, uniforms, etc- will be distributed to some other community organization or school. The current Board of Directors will determine by two-thirds vote where assets will be donated upon dissolution.

Article 10

Suspension of the Bylaws

In the event of unforeseen circumstances which would prevent the effective functioning of this organization, these bylaws may be temporarily set aside, provided that such action shall be:

  • Recommended by the Board of Directors

  • Announced to the membership of the Band at least one week prior to the meeting at which the matter is to be voted on

  • Approved by a two-thirds vote of those present

Article 11

Amendments to the Bylaws

These bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Board members present at any regular meeting or at any special meeting, if at least two weeks' written notice is given of an intention to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws or to adopt new bylaws at such meeting.


Article 12

Band Property

Any music or instruments purchased by the CLCB or any music or instruments otherwise acquired by the CLCB will be held by the band solely for its use, and any titles, copyrights, royalties, rental income, or similar interest in musical compositions or related materials prepared for the band's activities will be held for the band and in the band's name.

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